Planning / modeling new roads


I have completed the basic bus station ground by adding some small remaining areas (for example a parking area under the bridge) so I consider it to done for now. Some extra details like tarmac patches, sewers etc. will be added to all roads at once later. Model vs reality: Wireframe: Now I can move on…

The bus station ground almost complete


Just adding some images so you can see the progress 🙂 It should be easy to model and place all additinal objects as roofing, railings etc, add some textures variations so everything would look even more realistic … but as I already mentioned, first I plan to model only roads as it is the most difficult / important aspect of the track. I also made some…

Currently working on a bus station


So many hours spent on road crossings on that bus station! I made it quite overcomplicated because I tried to curve the road mesh the way how buses actually drive so the road texture (or vertex paint) can follow it (current road texturing you can see on screenshots is not final). Because of this decision I couldn’t simply use…

Two intersections done


No surroundings (pavements, kerbs etc) and details like sewer hatches or vertex coloring yet – at this phase I am modelling roads only with markings (lines, arrows etc). Dvacátá / Desátá street In front of the central train station

Creating an intersection (tutorial)


Modeling and mapping a good looking intersection was quite tricky for me in the beginning because it has some challenges: mesh (so the mapping) must follow car trails (red lines in the picture below) finished model we need to use as small texture as possible (ideally the same as for the normal road) we need to avoid any visible seems in texture…

Masking trees


If you want to create textures of trees, just move to Zlín! Masking cant be easier if trees are placed in front of an omnipresent orange walls: You only have to wait for cloudy weather to avoid sharp shadows and need some high resolution camera with good image quality (DSLR, Micro 4/3… definitely not a mobile phone). Then…

Starting with road modeling / texturing


Because the roads are the most visible element of the track I want to put maximum effort into them. The plan is to model and texture all roads / intersections first and then I to add details like sewers, tarmac patches, vertex coloring etc. I will subdivide the road mesh at the very end only where it is necessary (at sharp…

Template from Google Earth 3D model


I have managed to get a 3d model of the track surroundings using Google Earth 3D view. The main purpose is I can use it as a 3D template for the actual low-poly modelling – measuring dimensions of buildings and distances between objects should be much easier and more accurate now. Even there are some DirectX / WebGL rippers available, they…