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Buildings progress #2

I have nothing special to say, the work just continues flawlessly, the model has still very large reserve in the term of performance as the textures are 65MB only (thanks to usage of tiling) and the mesh is 61 000 tris / 34 000 polygons. Another progress update soon! 🙂

Buildings progress #1 (with RBR ingame screens)

So after I finished all roads and all the surrounding ground, I have started with modeling close buildings that need to be created with some higher level of detail. As always, I try to make it as simple as possible with an option of adding more details after the track is completed until it became…

Surrounding progress #3

I have completed almost 3/4 of track surrounding (pavements, grass and other close terrain). Because I have some free time available for the development these days, I expect finishing the rest of the terrain this month. Then export to Richard Burns Rally will follow and if everything is OK, I will make some RBR footage…

Surroundings progress #2

I had some free time last few days so I moved the things little forward and finished around a half of all the close (detailed) surroundings. It is mainly the city area which is the most complicated at the same time – many new textures had to be made and quite precise work was needed. I…

Surroundings pics (work in progress)

In Blender:   Vs reality: Ingame test:

Now working on track surrounding

This includes kerbs, pavements, bridges, railway etc. … just all the close track surrounding that needs to be modeled with quite accurate (but not as much as roads of course). Actual modeling is quite easy because there is no need to fiddle with seamless texturing as with creating roads and intersections especially. Still there is a lot…

Gahurova street (bridge road) completed

A lot of work has been done on the project in the last days. This is the newly modeled area: I have managed to: model & texture map the Gahurova street you can see on screenshots below which also means that more than half of the all roads are done! make some remapping to save a texture space…

Vodní street – road completed

Finally I have some free time so I can continue with the modeling – sorry for that delay in the progress! So far I have managed to complete basic modeling / mapping of the Vodní street + following streets that will be visible from the actual track. As always I am attaching those model vs reality screenshots….

Now working on the street “Vodní”

Just a quick preview of the next street I am modeling now. Today I have finished the part that leads to the bridge (I am really looking forward to model the bridge!) and now I am going to continue on the opposite direction. It is also the street where the rally start is situated. Please consider some donation to speed…

Trávník street completed

I received some donations so I have started to model some new areas immediatelly. At this moment I want to show you the Travniky street which is connected to the bus station I have already completed. Model vs reality:   Complete Blender modeling workflow: