About project

The track is to simulate the popular and attractive Barum Czech Rally Zlín SS1 city stage (reversed = 2016 and normal),  a part of the European Rally Championship. The development is focused on quality / accuracy while it’s aim is to pay tribute to RBR & reconstruct virtual city of Zlin.

The export of the track to Assetto Corsa will be available as well.

The development is taking place in my free time and depends on financial resources.
If you kindly donate I will be able to work more on it & I will finish it sooner.

Track route (Google Earth 3D view)
Clipboard 3bcrz_2015_map_sss_zlin-1Clipboard 2


Onboard videos


  • the most life-like, detailed RBR track
    by using high quality custom made assets (textures and models) based on real-life materials (I live in this city), by implementing ambient shadows (Ambient Occlusion baked into geometry via Vertex Color feature), seamless texturing etc.
  • low-poly but accurate / authentic experience
    with a help of a city 3D model extracted from Google Earth photogrammetry map  – I can use it as a 3D template for precise modelling
  • great perfomance even with old integrated graphics cards
    testing on an old laptop with Intel HD 3000 & low / medium / high Render Quality settings
  • fun to drive on!
    this stage is situated in very attractive location, will try to achieve as realistic road surface / physics as possible
  • keep the project well organized, ready for export to any other racing games
    the track is being made in Blender so it can be exported to all kinds of 3D formats & game engines
    I make all the textures in minimum of 4k resolution so it should look great even in the most recent sims

Development stages (by priority)

  1. roads
    I believe the most important element of the racing game because you can see it from close distance all the time and it’s shape / physics creates the driving experience. It is also the most difficult for modelling / texturing  so it will take some time to complete.
  2. road surroundings / details
    extending / polishing the roads by adding sewers, kerbs, pavements, guide rails, …
  3. close objects
    modelling buildings, bridges, bus stops, street lamps, benches, …
  4. track elevation
    maybe I will adjust the track elevation before the step 3, I am still not sure 🙂 But definitely not before all roads are completed . If I have enough time / resources I am going to use a photogrammetry to adjust the low poly road surface to the precise high poly from real road “3D scan”. It is definitely possible! 🙂
  5. vegetation
    creating close vegetation (trees, grass, bush, …) by masking custom photos / usings RBR textures where it is possible (they are quite low-resolution unfortunately)
  6. far scenery, movable objects, vertex coloring, road physics, scripts, …
  7. testing, debugging
  8. night variant

Now I have to forget all those things to not lose my motivation… 😀