Sorry for the long break of the development. I was investing all my time and effort to finish the track at one stretch, but I simply wasn’t able to achieve this goal before running out of the saved financial resources.
That is why I had to suspend the creation temporarily and search for a commercial job instead.

The project made some impression on Simtraxx which gave me an offer to work on a private laser-scanned gravel tracks for RBR. I have created some very nice tracks there and I really hope the client will allow to release some for the community so you can drive them too. This was also really great chance to learn some new tricks, workflows and also the limits of the game (I plan to make a separate post about my findouts, I am sure you will be nicely surprised).

During this period I still tried to be useful for the RBR community:

  • I have established the FMOD project to enhance the audio significantly
    • made a prototype (video here)
    • created a team around it (FMOD Discord here) to implement it properly and maintain the project
      big thanks to WorkerBee (implementation) and Lorenzo (sounds creation, team management, documentation …)
  • Created some simple tools for other RBR trackbuilders which use Blender:
    • the addon which helps exporting the track from Blender to Wallaby editor (for Blender 2.79, GitHub project)
    • the addon helping with planting the vegetation (for Blender 2.79 & higher, GitHub project)
  • As I was asked about the trackbuilding specific questions on FMOD server regularly, I have initiated the creation of another Discord server – related to RBR trackbuilding exclusively (Discord link)
    • me & other experienced modders are trying to provide some help for the noob creators there, but this activity turned out into much more important project, a future RBR gamechanger, because …
    • some excellent new programmers joined the team and now are working on a direct export / import of tracks from Blender to RBR, during this they will also work on implementing new graphics features to the game!
      (Tom Smalley is the main developer here, WorkeBee sharing all his knowledge with him)

But now back to the track …
As I have recently left the Simtraxx team, this gave me some spare time to work on Zlín again.
Since the next progress report I have finished almost all the near buildings in the center of the city (locally called the “Svit area”) which need to be the most detailed.

Current status of the buildings:

Now an overview of the each new model!

Building #13


Building #12


Building #11 (parking)


Svit Entrance


Building #21


Building #22


Building #23

Ingame Screenshots

At this place I would like to to ask you again – as this is entirely a free-time project and I am currently working fulltime on it again, any donation is highly appreciated.
Also please let me know if you have any tip for a potential sponsorship – I can offer various kind of advertisements in the track, a commercial licence, loading screen, web / FB page, possibility to test the WIP track etc.
If there is anyone willing to support this project significantly so I can work fulltime on it, I expect it to be finished completely within 2 months. And I am really dying to finish this!

Thank you for the patience and stay tuned!