I have finished all buildings near the bus / train station and already started modeling the center of the city which consists of some really big buildings from Tomáš Baťa era.
This is really exciting work as this is what makes this rally stage so special!
As the track leads very closely to them, I did my best to make it look good & realistic. It is not very easy with such limited RBR graphics engine capabilites – it is mainly about good texturing and painting “vertex shadows” manually, but I think the result is nice for me and it was worth the effort! Also all the new models are very lightweight in the term of geometry and textures (thanks to using texture tiling) so even they are big and detailed, it should make nearly zero impact on the performance of the game.

I hope you like the progress and as always – please consider sending some donation if you like this project so I have more time to work on it.
I also want to thanks to everyone who have already donated, I really appreciate it, the project mostly depends on it!

Thank you and stay tuned!