So after I finished all roads and all the surrounding ground, I have started with modeling close buildings that need to be created with some higher level of detail. As always, I try to make it as simple as possible with an option of adding more details after the track is completed until it became too demanding on system resources.

I have started with buildings around the very start of the SSS and after 2 weeks these should be now completed as you can see in the screenshots.
Please note that there are many other buildings located in this area but as they are further from the actual track, such models can made very easily (quickly) afterwards by applying photo-textures to some simple plane / box objects with 2-3 sides without any detailed geometry.

Here are some screenshots of buildings in the Blender

I have managed to keep the geometry very simple, my priority is to make the track very lightweight so it will run without problems even on an older machines.
One buildings has always less than 100 polygons.
Overall, the track has now 34 000 polygons.
Total size of all textures of the track is now 60 MB.
The numbers are very OK I think but it will start to grow quickly now as I am going to start with the center of the city soon where there are plenty of very detailed buildings.

Speaking about textures, as I live in the city where the track is located, I always make textures from my own photos taken with my camera. I use Panasonic GH2 with 14-140mm lens and I can really recommend such device, tt is quite small / portable while the image quality is very good (similar do DSLR) and that zoom lens is just a miracle for these purposes!

This is how reference photos for creating one building look like (this is going to be a more difficult one):

Here are some examples of finished buildings textures.
More recent games needs some additional textures for creating proper materials (specularity, normal / bump maps etc.) but my priority is RBR and because it supports just the basic (diffuse) map, I don’t have to bother of making any others – problem solved, time saved, still I believe it should look good! (look at the Semetin RBR stage if you are not sure).

Here is the track imported to the RBR editor called Wallaby (made by a developer from RBR community).

And now some RBR ingame screenshots.

I hope you like it!

At the very end I want to note I am now fully committed into building the track as I work on it full-time these days!
This decision allows me to make much more significant progress as you could hopefully see on the screenshots. I am now able to make 1 building per day (2 days max.) and with their total count of 30-35, all buildings should be completed in 1 or max. 2 months! Then I will be able to say the development is going into very finish!

But I must say I have hard times to obtain some noticeable support for my work which would help me to continue like this for longer period of time.
So again – please if you like the progress, consider some donation, thank you! ❤

Stay tuned and optionally you can follow the FB page of the project which I update more frequently (in Czech language but I mainly upload some progress pictures here).

See ya! 🙂