Second milestone completed! This week I have finally finished all close surroundings!

The whole new area which is located on the south from the river Dřevnice has only around 2000 triangles, so the total count of the current model (all roads, ground and buildings proxies) is now 57 500 tris, which is nice I think – I try really hard to keep model simple and maintain good performance even on older machines this way (and maybe new smart electronics 🙂 ). For example – that parking area on the first 2 screenshots are just 10 polygons that have one texture of the parking applied. I rendered this texture from detailed model I made for this purpose as a side quick-project. Of course I could just use a satellite image, but it would not fit to my other terrain textures as nicely and it would also have lower resolution, contain shadows, cars etc…
Currently the exported track uses 64 textures that occupies 85 MB only.

In the next post I will attach some in-game screenshots from the testing.

Now when the road and close terrain is finished, I can advance to modeling of buildings. That will be quite a lot of work but it would finally be something very effective and presentable as it is much more visible from the driver’s view point. Also, some buldings are really similar so hopefully I could re-use some textures for them and save some time this way.
To start with the buildings, I just need to wait for some cloudy weather because I don’t want textures to contain any hard shadows (you need these to be created by a game-engine).

So stay tuned and as always don’t hesitate to send support my work by some donation, creating this track takes me some time but I believe it will be worth it – thank you 🙂