I had some free time last few days so I moved the things little forward and finished around a half of all the close (detailed) surroundings. It is mainly the city area which is the most complicated at the same time – many new textures had to be made and quite precise work was needed. I have also added some basic geometry of buildings so I can align all the surroundings easily and accurately.
The polygon count still remains quite low – around 25 000 polys / 44 700 tris, while there are at the moment around 50 dds textures at the size of 90MB in overall.

Now I am going to finish the rest of the close surroundings and will test it in-game – you will find the report here, of course!

bridge untitled1 untitled 1 2 3 ss1-2017-09-28-3 ss1-2017-09-28-5 13-9 13-7 13-6 13-4 untitledwire1