This includes kerbs, pavements, bridges, railway etc. … just all the close track surrounding that needs to be modeled with quite accurate (but not as much as roads of course).
Actual modeling is quite easy because there is no need to fiddle with seamless texturing as with creating roads and intersections especially.
Still there is a lot of work on it mainly because many new textures need to be created from scratch – I try to match all surfaces to real ones such as pavements:


Now I am attaching some screenshots so you can see the actual progress in this area:
2017-05-10_003455 2017-05-10_003461 2017-05-10_003463 2017-05-10_003456

Model vs reality:
2017-05-10_152947 p1050561 2017-05-10_151935 2017-05-10_002823 2017-05-10_002416

Quick in-game test:
2017-04-30_093419 2017-04-30_093231