The most difficult aspect of the stage development should be finished – finally!
I have completed all the drivable roads so it makes the complete circuit now.
Also, the most of appended / non-drivable roads outside the actual track are modelled / textured as well.

I have managed to export the track into RBR so here you have some onboard!
Disclaimer – there is really nothing other than the road so don’t expect any thrilling experience!

It took me 2 days to tune those freaking RBR weather scifi-parameters to display Vertex Colors correctly while having the track / clouds properly exposed… but I am so satisfied with the result that I don’t even bother Youtube destroys all those details successfully! Hate end.

After my last post on this blog I have finished the remaining road segments quite easily but I have spent a lot of time (days) by adding extra details like this:

Tarmac patches:

Sewer covers:
2 2017-02-16_181613

4 2017-02-16_182318

5 2017-02-16_182525

Special road marks:
6 2017-02-16_183002

It is still not perfect as it could be but I hope this level of detail is sufficient enough to make it feel more realistic so I can move on to making road surroundings / ground – which means all those kerbs, pavements and the overall ground (i.e. grass).
This kind of modeling should be easier because I won’t have to fiddle with texture seams and complicated model connections asi with road intersections. It’s going to be more texture painting process though.

So stay tuned and as always – if you want to speed up the development, please consider sending some donation. As being a freelancer, it would allow me to reserve some extra time for the project.