Just adding some images so you can see the progress 🙂
2016-08-22_012845-render 2016-08-22_012846-render 2016-08-22_012848-render 2016-08-22_012849-render2016-08-22_012850-render 2016-08-22_012851-render 2016-08-22_012842-render2016-06-09_005342
It should be easy to model and place all additinal objects as roofing, railings etc, add some textures variations so everything would look even more realistic … but as I already mentioned, first I plan to model only roads as it is the most difficult / important aspect of the track.

I also made some quick performance testing and it runs 60fps on my laptop with Intel HD 3000. I try to keep the mesh as simple as possible but there are still some areas which can be simplified if the performance will get worse after adding other objects later. I don’t think it is a good idea to spend too much time on it at this stage of the development.
When testing the current track the only issue was the physics (collision model) which needs to be modified a bit because there are some occasional bugs. But this is also something I can resolve once the road modeling is done.


Blender modeling workflow:
2016-08-20_030459 2016-08-20_032707 2016-08-20_033259 2016-08-20_115738 2016-08-20_122333 2016-08-20_124347 2016-08-20_132941 2016-08-20_134859

Every bus will fit the parking slot! 🙂
2016-08-20_140632 2016-08-20_182428 2016-08-20_182922 2016-08-20_184845 2016-08-20_194936 2016-08-20_195337 2016-08-20_200349 2016-08-20_201114

Zebras are made using simple tileable texture you can see on the left:
2016-08-20_201847 2016-08-20_203603 2016-08-20_233008 2016-08-20_235138 2016-08-21_124129 2016-08-21_140028 2016-08-21_140131 2016-08-21_140016 2016-08-21_134927 2016-08-21_134852 2016-08-21_122257 2016-08-21_174045 2016-08-21_215631 2016-08-21_223538 2016-08-21_224707 2016-08-21_225905 2016-08-21_231825 2016-08-21_232020 2016-08-21_233142 2016-08-21_233257 2016-08-21_233348 2016-08-21_234043 2016-08-21_234345 2016-08-22_000742 2016-08-22_012841