So many hours spent on road crossings on that bus station!
I made it quite overcomplicated because I tried to curve the road mesh the way how buses actually drive so the road texture (or vertex paint) can follow it (current road texturing you can see on screenshots is not final). Because of this decision I couldn’t simply use copy&paste to duplicate road segments between each platforms.

Also, I tried to manually lower the mesh detail of roads that are not driveable to minimize polygon count / improve performance.

One interesting thing is I switched to aerial Google Maps (Earth with 3D and labels off) as the modeling background because they are made from more recent photos compared to – finally I can see all necessarry road details when modeling which is great! It also revealed some inaccurracy in already modeled roads so I had to make some corrections.

Here you can see how Blender 3D scene measure fits Google Map ruler precisely:


Now some “making of” screens from Blender:


As you can see, I like to use a Grease Pencil a lot as guide for modeling!


Compared to ugly reality:

Clipboard 3Clipboard 4

In-game test (1366×768 / low settings):

Clipboard 1 Clipboard 2