Because the roads are the most visible element of the track I want to put maximum effort into them. The plan is to model and texture all roads / intersections first and then I to add details like sewers, tarmac patches, vertex coloring etc. I will subdivide the road mesh at the very end only where it is necessary (at sharp turns, hairpins etc) … I am still not sure when to start to work with track elevation though (for now I keep the road flat for easier modelling & texturing).
After that I will step to the surroundings – kerbs, pavements, grass areas, then buildings etc.

I have taken hundreds of photos and using Google Street View and panorama view so I have pretty good materials to work with. I am going to make all the main textures by myself because I need them in the high resolution so they can be used in more capable game-engines if necessary. I also found out that RBR can handle high resolution textures quite well and it looks really great after initial testing! I still plan to use original .dds for “not so important objects” like some generic grass or some distant vegetation.

I have started with creating some seamless tarmac and pavement textures.
For the roads I can use only one half of the texture to both sides of the road model, I just map the other side flipped horizontally & vertically. This way I can save a lot of texture space while it still looks very good and the seam is almost invisible. I was a little skeptical about this solution but it really works well.

Clipboard-10 Clipboard-11

Real photo


But already have some additional ones 🙂